Software Carpentry na UFRGRS

Imagem dos alunos no final dos dois dias de atividade.


If you don’t speek portuguese you will find some informations at Software Carpentry Blog.

Na última quinta e sexta, Alex e eu fomos os instrutores no workshop da Software Carpentry na Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul. Tivemos em torno de 30 alunos dos mais variados níveis (desde alunos do ensino médio até professores titulares da universidade) e apresentamos Bash, Git e Python ao longo dos dois dias.

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GSoC: Pencil Down (August 11 - August 17)

This is the last report about my GSoC project and cover the thirteenth week of “Students coding”.

At this last week I worked at the auto capitalization and deployed a land page for the project: http://r-gaia-cs.github.io/gsoc2014/.

Bellow you will find more details about the past week and some thoughts about the project as a hole.

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Git Lesson at SECOMP

SECOMP is the name of Computer Science Week that happens at University of Campinas. They invite me to teach Git last Friday and here you will find some thoughts about it.

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Mathml August Meeting

This is a report about the Mozilla MathML August IRC Meeting (see the announcement here). The topics of the meeting can be found in this PAD (local copy of the PAD) and the IRC log (local copy of the IRC log) is also available.

In the last 4 weeks the MathML team closed 5 bugs, worked in other 6 and open one bug. This are only the ones tracked by Bugzilla.

The next meeting will be in September 11th at 8pm UTC. Please add topics in the PAD.

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