Bye Bye 2015

To close 2015, a nice quote that I read today:

“People deny reality. They fight against real feelings caused by real circumstances. They build mental worlds of shoulds, oughts, and might-have-beens. Real changes begin with real appraisal and acceptance of what is. Then realistic action is possible.”

These are the words of David Reynolds, an American exponent of Japanese Morita psychotherapy. He is speaking of personal behavior (...)

I read the quote at Michael Chrichton’s book Rising Sun. In the case you are looking for books to your 2016 reading list I also recommend some of others books from Michael Chrichton:

I need some time to thing about it


“Bubbles” by Stellajo1976 is under CC-BY and available at


This is probably the type of post that you probably shouldn’t write at 4AM in a bus when you couldn’t sleep but since normaly write stuffs help you clear your mind let do it any way.

In the last six years I more or less live in a bubble (or cacoon) due my undergraduate – life in academia is very different from the life outside it. In the last six months, after I graduate, my life has been a roller coaster (you are hearing that from someone that never ride in a roller coaster) with many changes in a short time.

Somo of the recent events at my personal, professional and volunteer life make me think about expectations and how they are managed. So I decided to write a post about that.

Roller coster.

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Reflections about serving at Software Carpentry Steering Committee in 2015

This post is a personal reflection of my activities during 2015 for Software Carpentry community as a member of the Steering Committee.


You can read of my initial plans at https://software-carpentry.orgblog/2015/01/scf-nomination-silva.html


Thanks to all the giants that allow me to stand on their shoulders.

Child on the shoulders of giants.

“Hitching a lift” by Sami Paju is under CC-BY-NC-ND and available at

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Do Firefox OS para o MIUI


Em 09 de Dezembro a Mozilla anunciou que estaria encerrando suas atividades voltadas ao desenvolvimento do Firefox OS para celulares.

Usei o Firefox OS por mais de um ano no meu celular principal.

Screenshot do Firefox OS.

Embora o sistema operacional fosse novo gostei bastante de utilizá-lo por consegui-lo hackear, utilizava minha própria build com alguns patches adicionais. Infelizmente, de Julho para cá, algumas coisas me deixaram insatisfeitos:

  1. o teclado virtual estava muito lento devido a regressão;
  2. minhas builds estavam quebradas, provavelmente devido a outra regressão que não é fácil localizar devido aos vários repositórios utilizados durante a compilação além do dispositivo que utilizava não ter mais suporte oficial;
  3. nas últimas semanas a compilação do Firefox OS simplesmente falhava.

Depois de muita consideração, resolvi abandonar o Firefox OS e experimentar o MIUI que pode ser considerado um fork do CyanogenMod, que é um fork do Android, desenvolvido pela Xiaomi.

Screenshot do MIUI.

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