Math Suite at Firefox OS

In the first 25 year of the web math was mostly treat as a second class citizen (how many sites with lots of equations do you know?) and those that work with math still do it offline.

Math on the web is almost a chicken-egg problem and Firefox OS, the mobile operational system developed by Mozilla, can help solve it. Below I will try to explain how Firefox OS can do it.

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MathML April Meeting

This is a report about the Mozilla MathML April IRC Meeting (see the announcement here). The topics of the meeting can be found in this PAD (local copy of the PAD) and the IRC log (local copy of the IRC log) is also available.

In the last 4 weeks the MathML team closed 13 bugs, worked in others 7 and open 2 new ones (this are only the ones tracked by Bugzilla).

The next meeting will be in May 15th at #mathml IRC channel. Please add topics in the PAD.

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Mindscan é o título do livro que estou lendo no momento e foi escrito por Robert J. Sawyer.

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Tipos de Eventos

Algo que sempre tive a curiosidade de descobrir é a diferença entre os vários tipos de eventos “acadêmicos”. Jenny Hamby explica essas diferenças em seu artigo intitulado “What’s the Difference Between a Seminar, Workshop and Conference?”.

Esse post é um resumo do artigo de Jenny.

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