Esse post é minha opinião sobre o turismo em Gramado. Espero que goste das fotos.

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Mathml October Meeting


This is a report about the Mozilla MathML October Meeting (see the announce). The topics of the meeting can be found in this PAD (local copy of the PAD). This meeting happens all at and because of that we don’t have a log.

The next meeting will be in November 14th (note that November 14th is Friday). Some countries will move to winter time and others to summer time so we will change the time and announce it later on Please add topics in the PAD.

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Livros Eletrônicos Educacionais

Hoje eu vi PROVIR, um dos blogs que acompanho, a reprodução de uma notícia publicada no Jornal do Senado sobre livros eletrônicos. Resolvi conferir os projetos mencionados na notícia e aqui encontram-se minhas impressões.

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LaTeX Workshop


Today happened the LaTeX + Git workshop that the laboratory where I “work” was organizing with the sponsorship of writeLaTeX. At this post you will find my post workshop thoughts. Before I start to write about it I want to thanks

  • Abel Siqueira, that helped teaching the Git lessons,
  • Kally Chung, that helped with the organization,
  • Panaggio Ricardo and Wanderson Luiz, that helped solving students issues,
  • Melissa Devens, that helped with the D-day logistic,
  • Eric Lopes, that took the photos and also help solving students issues, and
  • Andre Garcia, that make possible that we use the amazing room from EA2 during the Saturday.

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