Reflections about serving at Software Carpentry Steering Committee in 2016

Last year I wrote a blog post talk about my activities on Software Carpentry Steering and I will do the same here for the 2016 term.


I completely fail on this field but I discovered that assessment isn’t just try to make sense to some data. During the Measuring the Impact of Workshops I learned from Beth Duckles that the way that you make the questions can impact on your results. At least this is one thing that the next Steering Committee doesn’t need to worry to much since Data Carpentry now has a staff that is working on this issue.


I attended some debriefing sessions that now are called instructor discussion sessions and in all the ones that I attended I had a great time. I recommend that, if you taught a few workshops on the last two years, you try to host one of the instructor discussion sessions. For me is more or less like going out with my friends on Friday night to one pub but without beer (although you can have one if you like) and the loud music.

I’m happy that Christina Koch, Kate Hertweck, and Rayna Harris shared the leadership of the Mentoring Subcommittee and did an incredible job. They will agree that the transition wasn’t smooth and this is my fault.


This year minutes are better formated. Although their extension are md the content is HTML what should make a little easy if anyone want to do some data analysis with it. Sorry that sometimes toke more time than you expected for the minutes to be published.

If you are planning to stand up for 2017 election and be the secretary, you will want to know that toke me between 2-3 hours to put the minutes in shape. Also, in case you get elected, I will give you some advices on how handle the minutes.

Workshops in Portuguese

Brazil is still the only countries where Portuguese is official language that had at least one Software Carpentry workshop. Plans to host workshops on other countries is still alive but at the moment waiting for a local organizer to step up. Maybe in 2017 we will find some.

This year we had five workshops! I organized three (one in Florianópolis, one in Campinas, and the last one in São Paulo) that had the help of local instructors and friends. The forth workshop happened in Curitiba and was organized by our instructors trained in 2015 Open Online Instructor Training. The fift, and last, workshop happened in Campinas and was organized by our Felipe Bocca, trained in 2015 Open Online Instructor Training.

Conversation with our instructors from Curitiba lead me to know that for have more workshops in Brazil we will need to find ways to help them make progress on their carreer that is stuck with messed public funded high education system. But in 2017 or early 2018 we will have more people on the same place to push this discussion forward.


If you are organizing a workshop at the University of Virginia on the begin of 2017, don’t forget to contact Renato Augusto Corrêa dos Santos. He taught a amazing shell lessons!

Latin America

This year we had our first workshop in Mexico and Costa Rica. Thanks very much to hosts, instructors and helpers. And I wasn’t involved at all on this workshops!

Some of our instructors helped with the workshop in Florianópolis that I mentioned on the previous section. Thanks very much for the help on that workshop!

Translation of lessons

This is an on going discussion. Full details are available on Kate Hertweck’s email to maintainers mailing list.


Be on the Steering Committee on 2015 and 2016 was fun and reward but I will not run for 2017. Kate Hertweck asked me to help with the lesson and workshop template and I accepted the request.

If you are still deciding if you are going to stand up for election and want to talk with someone you can drop me a email.