End of one Journey ...

From the last post you now that one journey is ending for me. This was one pleasure journey because if you remember “tthe journey will bring us happy, not the destination.”

At this post I will write about some of the people that I met during this journey since one of the things that makes your journey fantastic are the people with you.


The list is more or less in chronological order when I first met them.

  • I’m grateful to my parents and my brother that participate in this journey even before it started.
  • Fernando Lucchesi and Caio Correia that were computer engineers freshman long time ago. We were neighbors in the first year — many good stories from that time.
  • Ohana Rodrigues and Paula Casagrande that were freshman with me. I still remember my first class thanks to Ohana and all the experiments from the first course of physics laboratory thanks to Paula.
  • Lívia Ohana and Eric Lopes that were junior students when I began this journey and helped me until they graduate — many good adventures.
  • Sandra Lee that was a statistic freshman when I began this journey and a example of perseverance.
  • Gabriel Natucci, Ivan Freitas and Pedro Pozzobon that with Fernando Lucchesi, Caio Correia and others went every Saturday night for dinner together.
  • Ricardo Panaggio, Sergio Durigan Junior Thadeu Cascardo and Gabriel Krisman Bertazi that with Ivan Freitas taught me soo much about free (not open) software.
  • Abel Siqueira and Kally Chung that joined forces with me for crazy projects related to the laboratory that we maintained for two years.
  • Wanderson Luiz, Charles Martins and Flávio Barros that with Abel Siqueira get together for morning and afternoon coffee.
  • Luiz Izidoro that was one of the few people that attended 2013 edition of Document Freedom Day in Campinas and became a good friend.
  • Frédéric Wang, or Monsieur MathML, that I hope to continue working together until people take MathML seriously.
  • Greg Wilson that was a mentor in the last two years although we only met over teleconference yet (maybe we will finally met in PyCon 2016?).

... and another one begins

So far, the only thing that I can disclose is that I’m looking for one position that allows me

  1. keep programming in Python and learn others languages (e.g. Javascript, R, Haskell and C++);
  2. make my code available under a free/open source license;
  3. interact online with free/open source communities;
  4. attend a few free/open source events each year;
  5. advocate in favor of free/open things;
  6. participate in free/open projects that teach people how to program;
  7. and make the world a better place.