Mathml April Meeting

This is a report about the Mozilla April IRC Meeting (see the announcement here). The topics of the meeting can be found in this PAD (local copy of the PAD) and the IRC log (local copy of the IRC log) is also available.

The next meeting will be in May 13th at 8pm UTC (check the time at your location here). Please add topics in the PAD.

Firefox Add-ons

In case you didn’t know, Firefox has a long list of add-ons and a few related to MathML.

Frédéric updated some of his add-ons, e.g. MathML Copy now supports arbitrary annotations.

If you want to create a new add-on you can starting looking at MDN.

LaTeX to MathML

Write MathML by hand is painful and because of that normally people get it from a WYSIWYG editor or by translating from LaTeX/AsciiMath.

During the meeting we had a nice discussion about different tools create different MathML for the same equation (for a example check this question on

We also have Rúnar Berg Baugsson Sigríðarson talking about two of this projects: Ascii2MathML and Markdown-it-math.


Related to Gecko, I’m trying to fix the bug related with invisible bars and Frédéric Wang is investigating the use of GNU FreeSerif font that now support OpenType Math.


Upcoming Events

Date Name Web Site
2015/07/13-17 Conference on Intelligent Computer Mathematics (CICM)
2015/12/07-09 Web Engines Hackfest 2015