Pandas at CTBE


I would like to thanks Marcelo Valadar for the invitation to taught a Pandas introduction at CTBE.


I would like to thanks very much to Wanderson Luiz that help me solving the issues that the students had during the lesson. I hope that he finishs his PhD soon and after that get involved with Software Carpentry to have fun helping researchers to program (even with MATLAB).

Today I taught a Pandas’ introduction at the “Laboratório Nacional de Ciência e Tecnologia do Bioetanol” (CTBE), one of the laboratories of “Centro Nacional de Pesquisa em Energia e Materiais” (CNPEM).

Photo of students during the lesson.


I chose start the lesson showing “The Paper of the Future” made by Josh Peek (see below).

I watched this video at the begin of this week, thanks the recommendation of Damien Irving, and like it since it push the scientific communication to the 21st century.

Message from

After the video I talk a little about why use Python and Pandas.

Topics covered

During the two and half hours of the lesson I taught

  • IPython Notebook User Interface
  • Creation of variables
  • Operations with variables
  • Use of libraries/packages
  • Creation of lists
  • Operations with lists
  • Creation of dictionaries
  • Operations with dictionaries
  • Loading of CSV in Pandas
  • Selection of lines from Pandas’s Dataframe
  • Selection of columns from Pandas’ Dataframe
  • Filtering at Pandas’ Dataframe
  • Plots from Pandas’s Dataframe

My notes are available here (but they are in Portuguese only).


Photo of me with the students.

From the feedbacks, all the students like the lesson. The only complain was the short duration of the lesson. I speed up at the end when presenting how to create plots but I hope that wasn’t a big problem because create a plot with pandas only require that you type


I only regret that we haven’t time to do some exercises covering plots.

Next Steps

Photo of me and Marcelo.

The year is almost at the end and is impossible to organize a Software Carpentry workshop before it ends. Fortunately is a nice opportunity to start planning a Software Carpentry two days (enough time for students not complain about lack of time) workshop for 2015.

If you are more interested with data you can start planning the first ever Data Carpentry two days workshop in Brazil for 2015.

In case you are interest in organizing any of the workshops suggested you can contact me and I will be happy to help you starting your plans.


On December 11th and 12th I will be on Florianópolis with Diego Barneche for a R based Software Carpentry workshop. Feel free to advertise it for friends living in Florianópolis.