MathML November Meeting


Sorry for the delay to write this.

This is a report about the Mozilla MathML November IRC Meeting (see the announcement here). The topics of the meeting can be found in this PAD (local copy of the PAD) and the IRC log (local copy of the IRC log) is also available.

The next meeting will be in January 7th at 8pm UTC (check the time at your location here). Please add topics in the PAD.


Yes. Our December meeting was cancelled. =(

MathML Community

I’m thinking in how get more people involved with MathML and increase the non programmers user base of MathML (probably get more involved with Mozilla’s WebMaker Project).

Meetings Format

In the past months we had try use WebRTC based solutions for video conference but I’m not 100% sure that it is the best option right now because:

  1. it requires more bandwidth,
  2. it only support a very limited number of user at the same time,
  3. it isn’t recorded (or people can avoid to participate on it because of it will be record).

I don’t want to ask contributors to install/use proprietary software neither create a account in some server. That’s was the reason that we aren’t going to use Google Hangout or Skype.

I will try find if Mozilla can offer us a toll-free numbers for the meetings.

Bot at #mathml

I created a Supybot, currently named mathbot (if you have a better name please let me know), to help the communication at our IRC channel.

The Latter plugin is enabled and you can used it to leave a message to someone when he/she is offline (he/she will receive the message the next time he/she join our channel).

I’m finishing to change the Trigger plugin to welcome new user when they join our channel. This was inspired by Wikipedia’s Helpmebot and OpenHatch‘s WelcomeBot.

I’m also thinking in enable Bugzilla plugin.

If you want another plugin enabled get in touch.


Moritz “want to create a rfc to make mathml the default rendering mode” of MediWiki Math Extension. If you want to follow the progress of this extension you can check its roadmap.

Authoring Tools

Regards authoring tools Frédéric worked to “add some UI to easily insert mathematical symbols into the LaTeX input box” presented at SeaMonkey. You can help testing it.


Some progress was made with font Inflation and automatic font installation due the work of, in alphabetic order, Frédéric Wang, James Kitchener, Karl Tomlinson, Robert O’Callahan and Ryan VanderMeulen.

Firefox’s 10th Aniversarry

This month Firefox is completing 10 years old and Mozilla did a big celebration for it. Some “funny” things about it and MathML:

Upcoming Events

Date Name Web Site
2014/12/07-10 Web Engines Hackfest 20144
2015/07/13-17 Conference on Intelligent Computer Mathematics (CICM)