GSoC: Pencil Down (August 11 - August 17)

This is the last report about my GSoC project and cover the thirteenth week of “Students coding”.

At this last week I worked at the auto capitalization and deployed a land page for the project:

Bellow you will find more details about the past week and some thoughts about the project as a hole.

Auto Capitalization

The default keyboard has auto capitalization. This was one small feature that I want to add to the project before it end and is done.

Land Page

Taking with my mentor he suggest that I wrote a land page for the project. I wrote it and add animations for each feature of the keyboard.

What’s cool about this summer

  • Working with bleed edge technology.
  • Learn more about Firefox OS.
  • Build my own Firefox OS (Gecko + Gaia) and flash it.
  • Collaborate with the core team of one app from Gaia.
  • Work with something that people use.
  • Have another GSoC project to “compare” with

What’s not cool about this summer

  • Rebase my patch queue at the begin of every week makes my patch queue broke some times.
  • Get a little help from UX team would help a lot.
  • Rudy and Tim helped a lot but if some of their advices as made at the begin something probably will be different
  • The merge/release date of Firefox match the begin and end of GSoC.


What to highlight the help of my mentor, Salvador de la Puente González, Timothy Chien and Rudy Lu.