GSoC: August 04 - August 10

This is last but one of the reports about my GSoC project and cover the twelfth week of “Students coding”.

At this twelfth week I worked to have the keyboard available at Marketplace and small improvements..

Bellow you will find more details about the past week and the plans for the last one.



To make the keyboard available at Marketplace I will use the script that I previous wrote with the patch wrote by Salvador de la Puente González that makes the keyboard one privileged instead of certified. I sent a “draft” version to get a previous review from Marketplace reviewer team.

Improve compositeKeyClick

I made small improvements at the compositeKeyClick function that now works with delimiters.

Improve jump

I made some changes at the handleReturn function that now works with delimiters:

  • commands:

  • (commands) delimiters:

  • environments:

  • vertical bars:

  • double vertical bars:

  • subscript and superscript:

  • underset and overset:


Add auto capitalization

One of the features of the native keyboard is the auto capitalization. This is one feature that I didn’t include in my proposal my want to include as the last feature of my GSoC project. I implemented this feature but there is a small bug that I still need to fix.

Plans for August 11 - August 17

And for the last week before pencils down I’m planning to

  • fix the bug at auto capitalization,
  • send the final version to Marketplace and
  • wrote some documentation.