GSoC: June 30 - August 03


Sorry to not write about my Google Summer of Code project last week.

This is one of the reports about my GSoC project and cover the tenth and eleventh week of “Students coding”.

At this two weeks I work on small issues at my keyboard and some bugs at the native keyboard that will improve my one.

Bellow you will find more details about the past two week and the plans for the last two final weeks.

Review of Proposal

From my proposal all the big points was addressed. One that wasn’t is the plain math layout because it is very easy since it didn’t need the changes from the math latex layout.


During my GSoC, at the begin of every week I rebase my work to Gaia’s HEAD to avoid conflicts “impossible” to resolve. Once again I had some problems due some changes at Gaia’s keyboard source code but this was already solved. Thanks very much to Tim Guan-tin Chien for the help in solving my problem.

Value and CompositeKey Fields for Alternative Keys

Also know as Bug 1011482 this was one of my first patch and we are trying to push it to Gaia’s source tree. I need it to provide, for example, variants of integral key.

Status: patch sent.

Requesting Uppercase and Lowercase for CompositeKey

Also know as Bug 1011661 this is need because Greek letters have an different rule to lowercase and uppercase.

Status: patch sent.

Alternate Keys List Overflows

Also know as Bug 934209 this is a little old bug (almost one year old) that only affect a few layouts. Since it affect my layout I spend some time trying to address it. This isn’t a easy one and I lost some time trying to figure out how to reorder the list of alternate keys to be at the form recommended by the UX team.

Status: prototype sent.

Others Bugs

Plans for August 04 - August 10

  • Build prototype to send to marketplace.
  • Tests.

Plans for August 11 - August 17

  • Polish the layout.
  • Send to marketplace.