Mozilla Science Lab 2014 Summer Sprint

A few days ago, July 22-23, happens the first Mozilla Science Lab Sprint. It was an amazing experience participate at the sprint and at this post you will find some reflections about it.


For the sprint some Mozilla Offices, some universities and others organizations offer a room where people can work and meet others. For those that couldn’t attend one of the rooms was also possibly to participate remotely. This combination was very nice and make possible to everyone that want take part on it.

For the communication across rooms we had available Vidyo (that handle the video and audio of the rooms) and our #sciencelab at irc.mozilla.or. For communication with the outside world people used Twitter.


At this sprint we had many projects what was good so that everyone who want to help could do it but was bad because most of the projects had only two or three contributors.

For the next sprint (that I’m already waiting for the announcement) I believe that will be better to limit the numbers of projects so that more people could work together.

Lesson Manager

During the sprint I and Rémi worked testing the concept of lesson manager and we are very grateful to people that help use with it, specially Trevor King and Greg Wilson.

Three weeks ago I wrote a blog post to start the discussion about this project that get some feedbacks at Open Education mail list (from Open Knowledge) and later was extended by Rémi at this git repository.

When I wrote my blog post the target of the lesson manager was teachers and because of it I had propose that it must handle the dependencies and the version control. Following this initial target we spend the first day and the morning of the second day testing Bower to be used as the core of our lesson manager. During our tests we wrote some demos and discovery that we need to call Git before Bower (otherwise all lessons will be siblings) and that Bower don’t clone the Git repositories (at least not without apply some patches).

At the afternoon of the second day, when talking with Greg he suggest that I and Rémi, maybe, made a little mistake trying to use the same program to handle dependencies and version control because this add a lot of “complications” to our lesson manager. And I still thinking about it.

Although, in my opinion, we made an nice progress there still many open questions to address. One of this questions is the markup language to used that the tool to handle it that will make possible to all the lessons have the same feel.