GSoC: July 14 - July 20

This is one of the reports about my GSoC project and cover the nineth week of “Students coding”.

At this seventh week I update the layout to cover a few more symbols and make small changes at the IME.

Bellow you will find more details about the past week and the plans for this one.


I made small changes at the layout to cover all the symbols from my proposal.

Uppercase for alternate keys

String.toUpperCase() won’t work for styled Latin letters and for that reason we need to provide the uppercase value to be display for the user. This was implemented here.

Place Holders

Weeks ago I proposed and implement “place holders”. When implement the support for styled Latin letters I faced the problem that the cursor always jump to the start of the command’s argument:

  • \styled{▮a}
  • \styled{a}▮

I believe that was better that the cursor jump to the end of command’s argument:

  • \styled{a▮}
  • \styled{a}▮

So I fixed the behaviour.

Place Holders When Editing

After some time testing the keyboard I noticed that place holders can make difficult to edit previous text when you want to split one paragraph because

  • end first paragraph.▮ \command{} body of second paragraph.
  • end first paragraph. \command{▮} body of second paragraph.
  • end first paragraph. \command{} ▮body of second paragraph.

The best solution for this problem that I thought was enable the long press of Enter to skip place holder jump. But I really like to have a better solution.

Plans for July 21 - July 27

Improve the place holder and others small bugs.