MathUI 2014 - 9th Workshop on Mathematical User Interfaces

This is a report about MathUI 2014.


Thanks very much to Andrea Kohlhase for the photos.

Photo of part of the attends of MathUI 2014 after the conference.

Firefox OS

I and Frédéric before our presentation start.

I and Frédéric gave a talk about some of HTML(5) features support by Gecko that can be used when developing math resources. All the features cover by our talk can be used at Firefox OS (and Firefox for Android) what makes Firefox one nice platform to develop math resources.

At MathUI, Firefox OS was also mention by Paul Libbrecht.

Demo Session

MathUI had a demo session where the only demo available was the ones that I and Frédéric wrote. People liked the math support at Firefox OS but had complains about some missing features of the platform (e.g. can’t select text at apps neither at input boxes).

I already know about the missing features before the demo session and that Mozilla is working to implement it. Unfortunately this missing features makes hard convince someone to adopt Firefox OS.

Others talks

MathUI also had some awesome talks with suggestions of complex demos that could be used to show that Firefox OS is the best platform for science. Some of this demos are:

And the keynote of Jaime Carvalho e Silva was also inspiring.