GSoC: July 07 - July 13

This is one of the reports about my GSoC project and cover the eighth week of “Students coding”.

At this seventh week I give a talk at MathUI 2014 - 9th Workshop on Mathematical User Interfaces and fix small bugs at the keyboard. Bellow you will find more details about the past week and the plans for this one.


MathUI was a awesome. I and Frédéric present our work and met for the first time with others contributors of MathML support at Firefox. It was also a opportunity to have people testing the keyboard.

Feedbacks from MathUI

People, specially those that used tablets with Windows, suggest that the keyboard have “arrow” keys since was difficult to get the cursor at the desired position. After the conference I search at Bugzilla and discovery that UX team will not include arrows at the keyboard what makes me a little unhappy.

People also ask about text selection and copy and paste, two features that I already know be missing and some contributors are working trying to address. Related with the copy and paste feature, people also ask about copy MathML equation.

Composite Key for Alternatives

One of the first bugs that I address at my GSoC project was the missing of composite keys for alternative keys. My patch was blocked by the priority to release version 2.0 of Firefox OS but during this process Timothy Guan-tin Chien starting use lists for the alternative keys and we agree to use the same structure of visible keys. I rebase my patch but one regression is blocking my patch. I hope to have my patch merged this week.

Others Bugs

I also work to improve the backspace of the math environment key and to address the issue of need of uppercase value at alternate keys.

Plans for July 14 - July 20

Continue to work at small issues.