GSoC: June 30 - July 06

This is one of the reports about my GSoC project and cover the seventh week of “Students coding”.

At this seventh week I worked on “small” issues. Bellow you will find more details about the past week and the plans for this one.

Math Environment Key

I added a math environment key. Instead of using alternate for math display environment I chose to let the user type the math environment key twice.

Font Size

Have the font size of the last row changed when moving from one layout to another is disturbing. To solve it I set the CSS for every key instead for the layout. I know that this wasn’t a great solution but I didn’t find a better one.

Styling Math

Some mathematical fields use “special” fonts, e.g. Fraktur font for Lie Algebras and Blackboard bold for sets. After think how to support this fonts I decide to include it as alternates keys at the Latin layout.

Screenshot of special fonts at alternate keys.

Doing this create a small issue at the nonlinear input since it behave like:

  • Before press 𝒩:

  • After press 𝒩:


But will be better if it behave like:

  • Before press 𝒩:

  • After press 𝒩:


Alternate Keys List Overflows

Some keys have more than ten alternate keys and because of it some aren’t available at the screen.

This is an “old” issue that I start trying to solve. This isn’t a easy one and I still need to address the align of the alternate keys and avoid Javascript inline CSS injection.

Screenshot of two rows of alternate keys.

Alternate Keys Need Uppercase Value to Display

One of my patches broke the ability of the keyboard show the key that will be insert with the properly case value after type it. I just notice it at the end of this week.

Others Bugs

I also work at Bug 1022609.

Plans for July 07 - July 13

Next week I will be at MathUI, a conference about Math User Interfaces. This is a great opportunity to get feedbacks for the project.

And during the flight I will try to solve the issues describe above.