Apps Freezing for MathUI

Today I update and freeze the apps for MathUI Demo Session. At this post you will find some screenshots of the apps.



The screenshots was took using the tablet from Firefox OS Tablet Contribution Program running this week build:

  • OS version:
  • Platform version: 33.0a1
  • Build Identifier: 20140703235229
  • Git commit info: 2014-0704 13:48:49 299b1836

I must say that this build have a patch that provide math font support.


Math Cheat Sheet

Math Cheat Sheet is a list of popular math equations.


Some equations from Math Cheat Sheet.


Table of contents from Math Cheat Sheet.


More equations from Math Cheat Sheet.


TeXZilla let the user type (La)TeX math expressions and save it. It has some help keys for common expressions.


Homescreen of TeXZilla.


TeXZilla and English keyboard.


After type some text.

The English keyboard still use the old layout. I already send a patch to update it to follow the last recommendation but still need to send a unit/integration test.


After add/save the equation.

This app store the equations using IndexedDB what allows the equations to be restored when reopen the app.


DynAlgebra is a proof of concept of do interactive algebra calculations.


Homescreen of DynAlgebra.


User must input equations using (La)TeX expressions.


After add some equation.


After click on some operations.

DynAlgebra don’t use any internal structure to handle the algebra manipulations. All the computations are based on MathML DOM structure. This approach has some issues due “bad” MathML trees but has the advantage that enable dynamic algebra computation to any MathML that available at the Web.

Unfortunately, right now, it don’t save the equations.

TeX Editor

TeX Editor is another proof of concept of write small texts using an subset of TeX system, right now the math environments.


Homescreen of TeX Editor.

This app as design to be used as a test case for Firefox OS LaTeX keyboard.


Math Keyboard for Firefox OS.


Alternative key when typing text.


Preview of the expession typed.

This app allow the user open and save files to SD Card. This function only works at Firefox OS due restrictions of API.


I will love to get feedbacks about this apps and will write more about after MathUI.