GSoC: June 23 - June 30

This is one of the reports about my GSoC project and cover the sixth week of “Students coding”.

At this sith week I continue working at the Input Method Editors (IME). Bellow you will find more details about the past week and the plans for this one.

Alternative Keys

I add more symbols as alternative keys and now I cover almost all the symbols from my proposal. Most of the symbols that still need to be included are from logic and set theory, e.g:

  • ∀: for all
  • ∁: complement
  • ∃: there exists
  • ∄: there does not exist
  • ∅: empty set
  • ∈: element of
  • ∉: not an element of
  • ∋: contains as member
  • ∌: does not contain as member
  • ∧: logical and
  • ∨: logical or
  • ∩: intersection
  • ∪: union
  • ∴: therefore
  • ∵: because


Some improvements at the IME was made. I want to add a key to insert $$ and as alternative key $$$$, i.e. (La)TeX math environment delimiters.

Smoke test and Marketplace

I run an smoke test and already fix the cases that the tests fail. Before submit it to Marketplace I want remove the mozSettings that Rudy mention at Bug 1029539.

Plans for June 30 - July 6

  • Add math environment delimiter key
  • Unit tests
  • UX tests
  • Others bugs at keyboard