Virtual Keyboard for Tablets

Yesterday a friend wrote a blog post regarding the Firefox OS Tablet Keyboard where he compare the virtual keyboard of Firefox OS Tablet with the virtual keyboard of others players (webOS, Android and iOS).

IMHO, one of the main points of the blog post was:

“To make our keyboard more useful we could use some new keys such as (...) number row. We could use a number row on top or some clever way to input numbers.”

Flatfish (AKA Firefox OS Tablet from TCP) is my first tablet (yes, I didn’t have much experience using virtual keyboards at tablets) and I’m not a UX expert but let add this number row. What do you think about:

Suggestion of keyboard for tablet.

The image above is a SVw file. You can download it, edit using Inkscape or any other vetorial drawing tool and share your changes with the community.

Tips to edit

Screenshot of Inkscape.
  1. If you just want to replace the face of some key you can use the “Create and edit text objects” from the dock (or press F8), select the key face you want to change and do it.
  2. If you want to make more changes you will need to “Ungroup” (press Shift + CTRL + G) the image.