GSoC: May 26 - June 01

This is one of the reports about my GSoC project and cover the second week of “Students coding”.

The second week wasn’t as great I was hoping before it start. Again I waste time trying to build all the Firefox OS stack since I fail on this task. The good news is that I got the Flatfish tablet and wrote a better demo to test the keyboard. Bellow you will find more details about the past week and the plans for this one.

Building Firefox OS

Build B2G repository isn’t a easy task for me. For details about the problems that I had read my email to B2G mail list about problems with hamachi and problems with Flatfish.

Update Gaia

Since I fail in build Firefox OS I start to look for one way to update Gaia since this is the part of the stack that I need to work. After spend some time read articles at MDN I found that I can use make install-gaia at Gaia repository to update it in my device (for more information see Hacking Gaia at MDN or the blog post that I wrote about it, only available in portuguese).

Gaia UI Tests

MDN has a nice set of articles as introduction to UI Tests. I follow the articles to learn how to write the tests but didn’t write the ones that I need.


Flatfish is the codename of one of the tablets with Firefox OS. I receive one this week and spend some time with it. During the time that I spend with Flatfish I found some bugs:

  • Bug 1017622 - “This connection is Untrusted” for Marketplace

  • Bug 1017396 - Wrong keyboard’s width

  • Bug 1016425 - Could not access sdcards (internal or external)

  • Bug 1017569 - Only microphone available for WebRTC

  • Bug 1017584 - Firefox OS to Firefox OS Communication Fails to Send Audio

  • Bug 1017561 - Sending horizontal flipped image when using WebRTC

    This happens with hamachi.

  • Bug 1018636 - MAC address is displayed as “not available” after reflash Gaia of the device

  • Bug 1018385 - Update Gaia using ‘make install-gaia’ produce empty Homescreen

  • Bug 1018229 - Search bar is in front of the icons

and missing features:

Keyboads at Flatfish

I already test the Keyboard prototype at Flatfish:

English keyboard.

English keyboard.

Math keyboard.

Math keyboard.

Math function keyboard.

Math function keyboard.

Greek keyboard.

Greek keyboard.

Although all the keyboard was working when I test they at the simulator some are broken when I test at Flatfish. Since I didn’t found the reason that make they broke I didn’t publish yet steps to people test it.

TeX Editor App

For test the keyboard I want a webapp more like a text editor that support paragraphs. This week I start writing this webapp and the source code are available at

Plans for June 02 - June 08

  • Find bug that broke the keyboard at Flatfish
  • Wrote steps that people can follow to test the project
  • Wrote the tests that I didn’t do last week
  • Work to fix the bugs related to the project