GSoC: May 19 - May 25

This is one of the reports about my GSoC project and cover the first week of “Students coding”.

Building Firefox OS

So far I was using only Firefox OS Simulator to test my patches. You can find the approach used in this tutorial that is a updated version of one wrote by my mentor.

At the begin of this week I updated my hamachi device with the last image available at and in the process I wrote a tutorial (only available in portuguese).

After updated my hamachi device I tried to build my own image of Firefox OS but couldn’t make it due some errors raised by the script used to build the image. In the process I wrote another tutorial (also only available in portuguese).

Next week I should receive one of the Firefox OS tablets from TCP and hope to have less problems to build my own image.

Bug 983043

Bug 983043 is related with the keyboard recommendations from UX team and is where you find the lasted recommendation available.

Discovery this bug toke me some time but I was really happy after found it.


When searching for Bug 983043 I found Bug 993899 that request the keyboard to support emoji.

I wrote a small prototype for it based on a old UX recommendation but now I’m waiting a reply to Rudy Lu‘s question:

“(...) the question would be if we could switch to emoji layout with just the ime switch key (the globe key) or we need to add another mode-switching key for this, (...)”

from UX team that will help with my GSoC project.

Bug 1011477

This bug is related with multi-character value mixed with alternate keys. When I try using a updated version of Gaia it was solved. I didn’t search to find the patch that fix this issue but I should do it.

Bug 1011482

This bug is related with need value and compositeKey fields for alt keys. I started to work on it but didn’t finish yet.

Some lessons learned from my mentor when filing a bug requesting a new feature:

  • don’t talk in first person;
  • try to find a user case;
  • explain it;
  • support how the current implementation does not cover the problem and
  • what you think it could be solved.

Bug 1011661

This bug is related with uppercase and lowercase for compositekey.

I need to update my patch with a test case but first I need to learn how write test cases for Gaia.

Others bugs

This is some small bugs that I work on.

  • Bug 1014142 - URL Keyboard should following the recommendations
  • Bug 796530 - No Keyboard support for Spanish Latin America

Plans for May 26 - June 01

Build my own version of Firefox OS to test the Greek letter keyboard and the basic math keyboard properly.