Open Science at FISL 15

FISL is an floss event that happens in Brazil and its 15th edition ended yesterday. This post is about open science talks that happens at FISL.

Mozilla Science Lab

Photo of me.

I gave an talk about Mozilla Science Lab (my slide deck are available here).

Only a few people attended to my talk, maybe because:

  • it took place at Mozilla’s room,
  • this year FISL don’t include the “open academia” as a topic for the talks and/or
  • the days that FISL happened wasn’t nice for folks from academia.

Most of the attendees are from Mozilla Brazilian community. None of them knew about Mozilla Science Lab before the talk and I hope they told about it to their friends.

At my talk I gave a overview of the (almost) first year of Mozilla Science Lab project and discuss with some attends about some topics related with open science.

Ciência e Software Livre, ou Lá e de Volta Outra Vez

Ciência e Software Livre, ou Lá e de Volta Outra Vez” it the title of the talk that Alexandre Hannud Abdo gave at FISL.


Alexandre’s talk is available online <> (you need a browser or multimedia player compatible with Ogg format).

Alexandre is a great open science advocate and in his talk he gave a awesome overview of science across the centuries.