MathML at FISL 15

FISL is an floss event that happens in Brazil and its 15th edition ended yesterday. In the 15th edition I gave an talk about MathML for education (based on Frédéric’s “Mathematics in ebooks” project) and managed a “workshop” about it.



My slide deck are available here.

In the talk I want to show why we should use MathML: have pretty equations is one way to motivate students what is very important in the learning process.

Along with my primary goal, I also want

  • to show where MathML is currently being use,
  • cite some tools that can be used to create equations in MathML and
  • talk a little about the Mozilla MathML project.

The talk took place at Paulo Freire Room was watch by, around, 30 peoples.


For the workshop I want to do something more hands-on but only one of the peoples that attended the workshop, around 10, had a laptop there.

During the workshop I showed


Both at my talk and workshop I notice that the attends want to use new tools to teach but the biggest problem are the lack of tools that they can use to create their (open) educational resources.

Talking with Talita Pagani she told me that many of Brazilians cities/states have licitations for “education resources” and many of them don’t have any participant.