Welcome to Google Summer of Code 2014

Yesterday Google announced the projects accepted for Google Summer of Code (GSoC) and my my project was accepted.

During “students coding” phase of GSoC I will publish some updates here with the GSOC2014 tag and hope that you enjoy reading it. Bellow you you will find a short summary of my project and some of the work already done.

Math virtual keyboard

I will implemented a math virtual keyboard for Firefox OS to make easy write scientific texts (or any other document that need math expressions) in a mobile device. Right now, make the keyboard compatible with WYSIWYG will demand much more time than available at GSoC and since many sites (e.g. Wikipedia, phpBB forums, ...) still use plain text as input and LaTeX for math expression the project will only support LaTeX.

Keyboard layout

For the keyboard layout I plan to start from Neo. Why use Neo and not QWERTY, the common keyboard layout? Because Neo has a layout for math symbols which will save me time.

Neo latin layout

I had send a patch for Gaia that add Neo latin layout. It already get a positive review from Rudy Lu and should be merge soon.

Screenshot of Neo keyboard.

Support Greek LaTeX expressions

I wrote a hack for Gaia that add a Greek LaTeX keyboard. This is only the tip of the iceberg of my project because I still need to add all the proposed keys (e.g. ∀, ∃, ∅, √, ∫, ∮, ...).

Screenshot of Greek LaTeX keyboad.

TeXZilla app

To test the keyboard I will use TeXZilla (demo), the app for Firefox OS that convert LaTeX into MathML.

Right now the app have some key for common LaTeX syntax that at the end of the project will not be necessary.