Math Suite at Firefox OS

In the first 25 year of the web math was mostly treat as a second class citizen (how many sites with lots of equations do you know?) and those that work with math still do it offline.

Math on the web is almost a chicken-egg problem and Firefox OS, the mobile operational system developed by Mozilla, can help solve it. Below I will try to explain how Firefox OS can do it.

W3C, the international standards organization for the World Wide Web, published a standard related to math, named MathML, that didn’t get much attention from web browsers developers for years. Thanks the hard work of many contributors Firefox OS support part of MathML specifications and will fulfill the need of many users.

In the last years, there was a increase demand for digital education contents, including math, and Firefox OS can be used as a platform for this contents.

Suite Stack

For “Math Suite” I denote a collection of applications to read, write, manipulate and share equations that can be used at K-12 and Higher education for teachers/instructors and students.

Ilustration of Suite Stack.

This collection of application is powered by a common Javascript library that enable:

  • Copy and paste equations,
  • WYSIWYG edit,
  • Convert from/to (La)TeX,
  • Compute some basic operations,
  • Search among the equations in a document, ...

working directly with MathML.

And the work of rendering the MathML expressions is left to the web browser engine.


I already wrote some demos for Firefox OS that use MathML: