Presentations from Design Science

Design Science is a company that develop some products using MathML. They make some presentations available at and I want to talk a little about some of them.

A MathML Progress Report

I hope to see line wrapping, line breaking and elementary math implemented soon.

Slide with the conclusions.

The Path to Accessible Math

To math be accessible we need to support blindness, low vision and print-related learning disabilities.

Equation Editor and MathType: Tips to make your life easier

This is specific for Design Science product. =(

Facebook, Twitter, and Other Social Media—Teaching Tools? Really?

This have a long list of tools that support math.

What you need to know about the Math Stack: MathML, MathJax, HTML5, and EPUB 3

Hope to see more support from EPUB readers.

Creating and Using a Blog to Enhance Math and Science Instruction

List of tools for blog.