2nd MathML meeting

Note: This post was update in January 29th and we already have the log of #mathml at http://logbot.glob.com.au/?c=mozilla%23mathml.

This is a report about the 2nd Mozilla MathML IRC Meeting and the first one of 2014 (see the announcement here). The topic of the meeting can be found in this PAD (local copy of the PAD) and the IRC log is here.

In case you just want to know how you can help the Mozilla MathML community, go to the Need help section.

The next meeting will be in February 13th 9PM UTC at #mathml IRC channel. Please add topics in the PAD.


FOSDEM is a free event that offers open source communities a place to meet, share ideas and collaborate. Some folks from the Mozilla community go to the event but look like that no one of the MathML community will be there.

More information about the FOSDEM can be found in Mozilla Wiki.

Mozilla Science Lab

Mozilla Science Lab is a Mozilla project to push the open science movement (open access, open data, open education, ...). Last month they was talking about “What should we teach about publishing on the web? (you can join the discussion on GitHub).

At first the answer for the question should be easy: HTML. But there are some topics related to this question that I will try to summarize:

  • For text you should use HTML but what should you use for code and data?
  • How work with others in a web world? Maybe use some version control system?
  • What tools/markup languages to use? LaTeX, Markdown, ODT (LibreOffice), DOCX (Word), ...?


jkitch is working in bug 442637 that cover <msup> with glyphs.

fredw is working on support for Open Type fonts with a MATH table and WG9s has integrated fredw’s patches in his builds.

fredw proposed to deprecate <mstyle> and “only rely on normal CSS inheritance”. If you want more information about that look in the log after 19:35:16.

karl suggest that bug 941611 about width of italic characters should be fix ASAP. This bug only happen in Windows and Mac OS X.

jkitch and jfkthame talk a little about bug 442637 (ssty correction for scripts) and 941611.

MathML in Wikipedia

Update: fredw wrote a great post about that in his blog.

physikerwelt implemented MathML support for MediaWiki (the patch still need to be review).

After the patch be add in the master branch of MediaWiki and go to production Wikipedia will send MathML for Firefox and SVG for browsers without MathML support.

OFF TOPIC: There is a plugin for MediaWiki Visual Editor that handle mathematical equations. More information in the plugin page.

MathML in MDN

MDN use CKEditor with MathML support but you need go to the source view to insert MathML expressions.

fredw wrote a Javascript parser from (La)TeX to MathML and I wrote a plugin for CKEditor that use fredw’s parser to insert MathML.

Look like that the plugin only work with Firefox (Chrome and IE show the MathML and the semantics and fredw report that it not work with Safari).


fredw wrote a demo that use WebGL and MathML and has plan to write others.

IRC meeting

Some folks want to try another format for the meeting (toll free number, jabber/sip, WebRTC, hangout/skype, ...) but for the next meeting we will stay in the IRC.

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