LaTeX Course at 2nd Day of EnCPos

Today was the second day of my course about LaTeX that I talk some days ago (see the post here.

I try to follow the plan with the pads (one for the contents and other for feedbacks) and the rounds:

Round 2.1
Information about encoding, inputenc package and fontenc package.
Round 2.2
Information about internationalization, babel package and indentfirst package.
Round 2.3
Information about table of contents, hyperlinks and hyperref package.
Round 2.4
Information about bitmap and graphicx package.
Round 2.5
Time to write a feedback of this class and answer to questions.

Problems and solutions

This class we start with this document that have only the documentclass declaration in the preamble so that the students can see the problem and fix it with the inclusion of some package.

The video projector

This time the video projector turn off in the first 20 minutes of the class and won’t turn on. It have to be replaced by another.

Turing the change of projector that took around 20 minutes I continue the class using only the pad. This was the time when I request progress feedbacks in the pad and look like that the students haven’t any big problem following the class.