LaTeX Course at 1st Day of EnCPos

Yesterday was the first day of my course about LaTeX that I talk some days ago (see the post here. Around 20 students had subscribed for the course but only 10 come for the first day.

I try to follow the plan with the pads (one for the contents and other for feedbacks) and the rounds:

Round 1.1
Some explanation about the pad and solving problems with the machines
Round 1.2

Introduction about TeX and Latex with some backgrounds.

This time we will not use a LaTeX IDE. Some explanations about the terminal will be given.

Round 1.3
Write some examples of LaTeX and give some basic explanations about the preamble, commands, environments and paragraphs.
Round 1.4
Compile the examples of the previous round and use of others programs that are shipped in the LaTeX distribution.
Round 1.5
Time to write a feedback of this class and answer to questions.

The pad

None of the students edit the pad this time but thats probably because that we just keep in the basic of compilation process.

Using four spaces at the begin of the lines to mark codes didn’t make any problem (last time I used HTML tags and have lots of troubles).

The black screen

Since only a few students attended in the first day I can help all of than to use the terminal to compile the examples of TeX and LaTeX documents. (This time I add information both for Unix-like and Windows operation system.)

The video projector

This time most of the time the screen in the video projector was showing the terminal that I was working on. (I hope that not make anyone uncomfortable and the use of Vim as the text editor crazy).

To show the PDF files I use zathura but I think that wasn’t a big problem because all the students know how to open a PDF file.

The feedbacks

This time time three students give me a feedback and I think that’s a great number. Unfortunately all three are very similar, they said that the class was good and that their main goal for the course was to learn more about the preamble.

This goal are expected because the proposal for the course when the organization of the meeting call me and will be cover in the second day.