LaTeX Course at EnCPos

This week I will be teaching LaTeX in the Scientific Meeting of Phd Students of IMECC (in portuguese “Encontro Científico dos Pós-Graduandos do IMECC”).

The course will be in October 16th, 17th and 18th with one 1:20 long each day. It will be a little different from my other LaTeX course (read about it here) and the schedule are:

1st day: find / -name '*tex*'
Starting with words about the past, present and future of (La)TeX. After that some explanation about file formats/extensions and some of programs that are shipped in the LaTeX distribution.
2nd day: The preamble
The preamble of LaTeX documents is where we call for the packages that make our work easier. Information about some popular packages will be given.
3nd day: amsmath, TikZ and BibTeX
This are three of the most famous LaTeX packages. Some examples of use of this packages will be given.


As in the previous course I plan to split each class in five rounds of 20 minutes. In each round I will teach some topic, give a example and let the students change the example.

For share the examples and some annotations we will be using this pad (backup of the pad before the course start) and for feedbacks this other pad (backup of the pad before the course start).

1st Day

Round 1.1
Some explanation about the pad and solving problems with the machines
Round 1.2

Introduction about TeX and Latex with some backgrounds.

This time we will not use a LaTeX IDE. Some explanations about the terminal will be given.

Round 1.3
Write some examples of LaTeX and give some basic explanations about the preamble, commands, environments and paragraphs.
Round 1.4
Compile the examples of the previous round and use of others programs that are shipped in the LaTeX distribution.
Round 1.5
Time to write a feedback of this class and answer to questions.

2nd Day

Round 2.1
Information about encoding, inputenc package and fontenc package.
Round 2.2
Information about internationalization, babel package and indentfirst package.
Round 2.3
Information about table of contents, hyperlinks and hyperref package.
Round 2.4
Information about bitmap and graphicx package.
Round 2.5
Time to write a feedback of this class and answer to questions.

3nd Day

Round 3.1
Introduction to in-line and display math mode.
Round 3.2 and 3.3

I like to try use GitHub Gist for review the codes of the students. I will ask the students to retype this pdf (build from this file) starting from this LaTeX document (the pdf).

After the students retype the document they must copy and past it in a GitHub Gist and add the link in the pad. I will review the codes as soon as they finished the active.

Round 3.4
Some examples of TikZ.
Round 3.5
Some examples of BibTeX.