LaTeX Course at 2nd Day of Semat

Yesterday was the second day of my course about LaTeX that I talk (in this post). Around 10 students attend it and you will find more information about that below.

I try to follow the plan with the pads (one for the contents and other for feedbacks) and the rounds since no students say anything about it:

Round 2.1
A very quick review of the first day since one students say that I should spend more time with the GUI of TeXworks.
Round 2.2
Talk about the inline math mode of LaTeX.
Round 2.3
Talk about some mathematics commands of LaTeX. Some of this commands are symbols.
Round 2.4
Talk about the display math mode of LaTeX.
Round 2.5
Show how to use cross-reference feature of LaTeX.

Pad server in manutention

In the first day we use this pad from Riseup. In the second day, before we start the class, Riseup seem to be in manutention and we have to use another pad.

If we are using other service that a Etherpad instance it will be impossible to share the codes.

TeX Live and MiKTeX

Most of the students are using MiKTeX. The texdoc from MikTeX is difference to texdoc from TeX Live and

$ texdoc symbols

not work in the first one. This students must have to use

$ texdoc comprehensive

This is a good example of how difference versions of a software can give troubles to instructors.